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I want to give my baby a wonderful home.

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Hello everyone! My name is Chen sonia from taiwan.

Thank you for visiting my page!

i am currently have a little angle in my tummy, Already 37 weeks old! i will gave a birth soon!

But currently i am facing some trouble that lead me to financial difficulties. That is why i really need your support.

My Husband deceived me

My baby is about to be born in two weeks, but something happened to my husband.

I found out that my husband was hang out with other woman, Because of my emotional, i told him that i will back to my parents house.

But he doesn't react at all, even he ignoring me.

Deceived by the fraud group

After that case, i was looking for a divorce site online.

In order to giving birth smoothly and protect my baby and myself under the law from my husband

But it doesn't going well too,

I used all of my deposit saving. When i get a promising site online, i contact them to process the divorce and all thing related with it. But after i transferred the money, they are gone, and disappeared.

I lost all of my money i have.

I came back to my parent house

Because of that many things happened, that burden my self. i want to have a calm environment in order for my self to get a my baby getting birth safely and smoothly, i decided to back to my parent home.

Now I can only rely on my family's resources for some financial assistance. But i cannot burden them a lot since they also need their own things to be take care of.

I need at least support for my 2 months living expenses , since for 2 months i probably unable to go to working because i need to take care of my child

Details on needed fund

What i asking here is for support for my delivery cost and 2 month ahead living expenses. I hope my baby will live healthy in peaceful condition!

Hospital things : 1000$

Baby diaper (2 months) : $100

Baby milk : $100

Living expenses : (2 months) : $200

Baby care : $500

I really need a lot of your support, even though it is only by sharing this project, i will be really grateful. And i will be very happy and thankful if you support by donating by this project!

I still keep looking for a job that i able to do in the future to support my baby have a good life!

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