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I want to show the sea to my son!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Victoria and I live in Nairobi, Kenya!

I would like to travel near to the sea with my little son!

My son was suffering from pneumonia

I'm a single mother who is taking care of a 2-years-old child.

My children suffered from pneumonia since born so he has been receiving medication since long ago. Fortunately, his condition is getting better since June.

I would like to celebrate this with my son, doing together a little trip to the sea!

Paying a lot of medical expenses

I couldn't save money due to the health condition of my son and all the medical expenses I had to afford.

I'm working as a waitress and have a monthly income of $ 100. However, as I'm a single mother, I need to pay our living expenses by my own, and it's not possible to me to even afford a little trip.

I was thinking about asking my family for help.

Unfortunately, since my dad passed away my family fell appart. They all have their own economic problems, so it's not possible for them to help me.

I want to take my son to Mombasa to show him its beautiful sea

My son was ill since born and he hadn't time to have fun and enjoy.

He really deserves to have fun and forgot about his illness for good, and I think that it would be really nice for him to see the sea. It's a domestic trip, so it won't be expensive!

Enjoying together the beach, swimming, tasting delicious food and coconut juice... If this dream come true, my son will be able to have his first good memories.

Details on needed funds

Flight ticket and accommodation for both is $350. I hope you can support my project!


If I achieve this target, I will travel with my son to Mombasa and we will enjoy the sea together.

I would like to go on December or January. Mombasa is always warm. It will be an unforgettable a 4 days trip

In case I can't collect enough funds I will do my best to save little by little!

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

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