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I want to help the parents of my best friend, who passed away due to leukemia.

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Very nice to meet you. My name is Fery and I am from Indonesia.

A few weeks ago my best friend passed away because of leukemia, and I would like to raise funds to financially help his parents.

I've lost my best friend

My friend was diagnosed leukemia half a year ago.

When he was diagnosed the illness was already very advanced. He spent all that time at the hospital receiving different treatments.

His parents had to spend about $25,800 on medical bills.

They sold everything they could in order to pay the treatment and so did I. I sold my bike, my watch, everything I could to help my friend.

At least, I would like to help my friend's parents

I met my friend we we were 5 years old.

We have been together since then. He was the most beloved and important friend I ever had. I used to call him "Godzilla".

At first, I wanted to open this project to gather funds for his treatment.

But I couldn't help him, so at least I want to help his parents. They are devastated for loosing their child and also they have many financial problems. It would be really nice if I can help them even a little.

I have no other place to seek for help

My best friend's parents have borrowed money to pay for the treatment and the funeral expenses, and they are broke now, so they can't pay it back.

They had to ask for help also to their relatives and friends, so they are not able to receive more from them. I want to collaborate as much as I can, but I have a monthly income of $100.

I just have left around $200, that is not enough.

Details on needed funds

I would like to collect enough funds to allow my friend's parents to pay their debts, that is $1,300 and my own savings.


All the funds I receive here will be given to my best friend's parents.

I would like to help them before this year ends. They are going through a lot and, at least, I would like to help them financially. Without this support I don't know how I'm going to help them, honestly. Maybe ask for a loan.

I would really appreciate your support in this project. Thank you very much.

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