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Realize a dream in Japan : study, work and enjoy its culture!

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Hello! I'm Vini and I'm from Indonesia!

I've been always dreaming of working and living in Japan. The truth is that once I almost fulfill this dream, but unfortunately I had to postpone it due to other reasons.

A dream I had to left behind once

After graduated from college, I worked at a company as perfume quality control staff. In order to save money to study abroad in Japan, I worked really hard and I saved as much money as I could.

But my dad got sick and I used my savings for treatments and other needs.

During that time I was really close to my dream. I found an opportunity of working in Gifu, Japan, and I was about to apply for the job and almost touch my dream when my dad got sick and my plans had to change.

At that moment I was about to give up about Japan, as I had no savings and no job to make more savings.

I love Japan and my Japanese friends

My love for Japan started when I was an elementary school. I remember that I watched anime like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, etc, on the TV of my country. I also had the chance to watch the movie called "Taiyou no uta". Step by step I got more stunned by Japan and started to dream of visiting the country someday.

Thanks to Airtripp, I could visit twice so far. That helped me to feel the kindness of the Japanese people and the wonderfulness of the country.

In Japan I received a lot of help from my Airtripp friends and I could live many experiences. They took me to many spots and I even could stay at their home. I really love Japanese people!

In order to live in Japan!

When I first went to Japan, I could hardly speak Japanese which made kind of difficult to talk with Japanese friends who did a great effort to communicate with me!

Because of that I'm trying to improve my Japanese everyday by myself. I've got books, I'm studying grammar, vocabulary, I'm talking and guiding Japanese friends who visit my country (11 friends so far!).

Very soon I'm going to take the JLPT exam (level 4), although to find a good job in Japan I should have level 2, which is why I want to join a Japanese school in Tokyo before looking for a job!

Details on needed funds

If I add up everything I need to study 6 months in this school Japanese school, I would need more than $ 8,000 for school fees, flight ticket, accommodation and utilities, but I'm going to use my own savings to purchase the flight ticket and to pay the accommodation and utilities, and use the support amount to pay the school expenses for $ 3,920. Once in Tokyo, I'm going to find a part-time job to keep paying the rent and daily life expenses.


I want to join a school named Intercultural Language School from October of 2019, but I need to prepare many things in advance!

When I have the money I will apply for the school, send the enrollment fee and apply for a student visa, which takes around 6 months to be completed!

I would be really happy if you support my dream and meet you in Japan!

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the flag image of country Kaori
vinchan. Japan English is improving every time I see you you know. I think from the difficult Japan language better by himself so far in Japan is love really love Japan. I came to Japan, Japan to learn more about Japan culture to touch me more, I think so from the heart. vinchan! I'll be waiting ~! ♬
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