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I want to start a business of selling "taiyaki" or "bungeoppang"!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Lia Ayu (but you can call me Ay) and I'm from Indonesia! I'm still a student but I would like to start my own business!

I live in the city of Gorontalo with my family. I have 1 brother and 4 little sisters!

I want to be an entrepreneur!

My idea is to cook "taiyaki" or "bungeoppang" for selling them.

These are delicious fish-shaped pastry stuffed with sweetened red bean very popular in Japan and South Korea.

In general I love to make cakes and all kind of pastry, and I also love Japan and Korea!

I come from a poor family

We're not rich people and we live all in a simple house.

To me, is not possible to ask my parents for help when they have to take care of all of us, especially my little sisters.

If I success I will be able to help my family!

If I can receive enough funds and my idea success, I will be able to support my family!

I will be able to pay for their schools, diapers, food...

How I'm going to use the funds

I will use this money as business capital to be able to buy ingredients and instruments I need to make the cakes.

It's not too much, but with this small quantity I will be able to start! If I can get this little help I promise I will do my best to success!

I will start selling my cakes to my neighbours and close people and getting visibility little by little.

My dream is to be an entrepreneur and I would be really thankful if you can help me a little to fulfill it!

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