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I want to visit Japan for the first time!

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Hi everyone, my name is Rifqi I'm a Barista from Indonesia!

I really like Japan: its culture, the language, the delicious food and, of course, the people who are very good in my opinion!

I have a dream since high school, that one day I can visit Japan and get to know firsthand the customs and culture.

I tried to raise money many times, but I always failed because due to my low salary and my daily expenses.

I need help to make my dream come true

As I've told you, my dream is to visit Japan. As I can't achieve this dream by myself, I would like to ask for some support.

I'm trying to save some money from my monthly salary, and although it is not much at least I would reach my dream little by little.

My salary is only $165 per month

I really need financial assistance because my salary is very low and I also have to meet my daily needs, for example buying food, paying for room rent, transportation and other necessities.

My family cannot fund me because I have a younger sister and she is still going to school, so my parents need to focus more on my sister's education.

I would really appreciate any little help and support I could receive here!

I want to look for a job with a higher salary

Some years ago I owned a coffee shop business, but I was really young and almost no experience, so I went bankrupt. Now, I have this job to meet the needs of my daily life, but I would like to find a job with a better salary.

I only have $200 saved

It took me many time to save $200. Like this, I'm not able to travel to Japan soon and meet my friends.

In case I achieve my target, I will use them to buy the flight ticket, pay the lodging, food, transportation, etc.

If there are any funds left, I will donate to those in need, so they can also achieve their dreams!

When I travel to Japan, the first thing I will do is to meet my Airtripp friend there! I'm looking forward to travel to Japan and see everything I can of this wonderful country.

if I can't collect enough funds, I won't give up. I will keep doing my best to save money to be able to visit Japan, because it's my dream since long ago!

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