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I need a surgery to recover my health and care my children

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Hello, my name is Hannah and some time ago I was having health problems and unable to go back to my country, Brazil, so my daughter did a project that helped me get back home. I am very grateful to everyone who supported.

Unfortunately after arriving in Brazil, I went to doctors and did tests that found that I had an endometrial polyp.

The doctor recommended to have surgery as soon as possible, because the symptoms cause a lot of discomfort and pain,  making it impossible for me to having a healthy life. The cost of surgery is very high and I don't have any type of income, because I only arrived in Brazil a few days ago.

I came to Brazil more than anything in the hope of helping my family and taking care of my children and I need to be cured for this to become true.

I ask for your help one more time, because if I do not do this surgery I can suffer serious consequences.

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