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I want to pay for my Law degree

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Hello Everyone, nice to meet you! I come from a humble and hardworking family.

I am a 9 year old man from argentina, My parents now 65 year old and both of them still work and earn just enough for daily necessary.

Currently I have finished secondary school and I have enrolled in the 21st century university, I can not find work yet because the city and where I live does not help much.

I live in a town that quite far from everything. after i graduated from scondary school, I decided to enroll university majoring law. I paid the first fee and registration with my savings and savings from my parents but the next fee will come soon. i want to help my parents to pay the upcoming university fee by applying some job, but I can not get work yet. my parents will not be able to face the all the upcoming university alone.

because of that, i asking for your kindness to help me and lighten my parents burden.

i am still working hard to searching for a job while doing this fund raising!

thank you so much in advance!

Cristian Britos Roldan. Argentina

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