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I want to visit my friends in my favourite country: Philippines

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Hello aIl! My name is Caner Sandikçi and I'm from Turkey! My dream is to travel to Philippines and meet all my friends. I really love that country and I've made many friends there that I would really love to meet, so I wish I can achieve my dream!

I can't make this dream come true alone

Maybe you already know that my country hasn't a good economic situation. I'm doing my best working as Android developer, but with my monthly income is impossible to achieve this dream.

If I manage to go to Philippines I will meet in Manila with my friend Ms. Mary, and she will guide me in the city. Isn't amazing?

I could make this dream come true with your support!

Reasons why I want to go to Philippines

I used to like watching other countries landscapes in movies and TV. In particular, I've always thought that beaches with white sand beach and blue sea are really stunning. I always wanted to go to such a place for once in my life.

Also, in my town I had few opportunities to make foreign friends. I wanted to be able to practice English, so I searched for an app that could help to making foreign friends and this is how I started in Airtripp!

Since the beginning I started to receive a lot of friend requests from Philippines users, and I realized how nice and caring they are! And also that in their country there are many white sand and blue sea beaches and tropical forest. I thought that Philippines was the paradise!

Moreover, as a Turkish citizen I can go to Philippines and I don't need a visa, just my passport!

Details on needed funds

I would like to spend around 1 month visiting around, so I calculate that I need & 2,400 that I will use to purchase the flight ticket, accommodation and other travel expenses.


I would like to travel this Fall (around November), and spend a month in Philippines, as I explained. First of all, I will visit Manila and I will meet with Ms Mary.

After that, I want to travel around the country to visit many places and all the friends I can! I won't forget to bring many souvenirs from Turkey to give to my dear friends.

Also, I want to make a lot of videos about my experiences in Philippines, that I will share in Airtripp for sure!

Please, support my dream! I will really appreciate it!

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I'm really happy if you come to my country! I'm sorry I can't financially support you but I always support you!
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I believe you can!
the flag image of country Ariel
I can't wait to meet you here... Good luck!
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