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Help to pay a treatment for leukemia for my best friend!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Jamal Amellah and I live in Marrakech, Morocco!

I'm running this project to raise some funds for a friend who is suffering from leukemia!

About my best friend

He's name is Abdelillah, and he has leukemia

Three years ago, he started to feel bad and when he went to the doctor he was diagnosed leukemia. Since then, he had received medication to treat his illness.

He and his family had to spend about $4,000 so far in different medication which has deeply affected their economy.

Currently, he is not working and his family's monthly income is really low. Right now, he's not able to keep paying for his treatment.

Always together

We met when we were children, and since then we have been together.

Our parents are friends too, and he's like my own family. It's really important to me to be able to help Abde!

He gets better when he's taking his medication, but if he stops now the consequences could be really bad.

I can't do this on my own

Honestly, my economic situation is not favorable.

Economy is bad in my country and find a good job with a good salary is almost impossible.

I don't like to be unemployed, so I'm working as volunteer in an organization that helps people without resources to learn computering and English.

Details on needed funds

I just have $50 to help Abde, so I would need $600 more to be able to pay for his treatment.


In case we can achieve the target, I will be able to pay for Abde's treatment during a few months.

During that time I will keep doing my best to achieve a good economic situation that allows me keep helping my friend in the future. In case we don't collect enough funds I will ask for help in another sites and charities!

With just a little help my dear friend will be able to keep receiving his treatment, so I kindly ask for your cooperation! Thank you very much in advance!

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