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Mila Motors: Passion for Motorbikes

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Hi! Im Sarah and i'm a Mass Communications graduate. I am currently doing Customer Service and Designs full-time. 

Since i was a little girl, my love for motorbikes has been huge. I guess it's in my blood as my father used to race and play on track all the time. 

One day, me and my fiance decided to re-spray his motorbike coverset ourselves. Of course, i got all excited designing it. Our first ever bike spray was impressive, and then it hit me. Why don't we start our own business? Giving people a new look for their motorbikes at an affordable price would be a dream come true. 

So started Mila Motors (@milamotors on Instagram) in June 2018. Up to date, we have done 60 motorbike sprays from home and we are looking to open our own shop in the near future. As for now, we would like to take the next step to bulk purchase our spray cans. What we are currently doing is collecting deposits for confirmed bike sprays and using those deposit to buy the paints. We do have savings, but not enough to bulk purchase our popular colors. 

It would mean so much to our company if you could be part of believing in us and making our dream happen, step by step.

Mila Motors will be the one-stop affordable motorbike makeovers for bikes in Singapore and who knows if we go international one day? Dream big right they say? ;)

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