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Help for my mother’s breast cancer treatment!

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Hello everyone, my name is Wannaporn Sornthani and I'm from Thailand!

I want to share this story about my beloved mother and to raise a fund for her treatment.

Our family

I live in Thailand with my family. There are four of us, my father, my mother, I and my sister.

My mother is the most decent person. She is never stressed and never complains about anything. I love my mother more than anything. It was a really hard time for her to raise her children up, but we are happy because we were in it together.

When my mother got sick

When she knows that she has cancer, she has to stop working. I am now the only one who supports the family. My only sister is still studying, and we have to pay for her tuition fee besides daily expense.

However, I also have diabetes that I have to pay a lot of medical cost. Comparing with my salary, we don’t have enough money to pay bills, daily expense and medical care for my mother.

We don’t have enough to afford her treatment

My mother has third stage breast cancer that spread to the liver. She also gets chemo, but her doctor said that she also needs to take non-essential drugs that might cure the disease

She cannot eat much and gets skinnier every day because of the effects of chemo. It hurts to see her like this, and I am really sad that I cannot make a lot of money to take care of her.

She also needs more chemo, blood tested and CT Scan, but I don’t have any more money.

Details on needed funds

I have only 10$ because I use all my save up on her previous treatment so that I need 1000$ more for her treatment.


After I get enough money, I will pay for her treatment as soon as possible. So that she can recover very soon, and we can take her home.

I hope that someday she will be cured. I want her to live longer and stay with me. I cannot tell how much I love her, but I can say that I am who I am because of her. She doesn’t want to stay at the hospital any longer. She wants to come back home and live normal lives, go to work, travel, but she can’t because of cancer. Please, help her to beat cancer!

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