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I want my wife to study and makeing home for liveing

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I am Razikul Hasan,

I got married six months ago, I like to marry myself.

all the problems are created from here, because of this marriage my father-in-law does not keep in relation with me and my wife. But we move two lives together without any hassle.

My wife is much better at study than she was a year ago at HSC Exam gives results 4.75. He wishes he would do a better job after complete study and I myself help her with all of this.

But my family does not want to admit it, our Bangladeshi people tell the girls to just do chores.

Because of my dissatisfaction with my newly married wife on the road today, I have nothing to do with me and my wife eating our food. I can pay for housing, education and medical expenses, I want to educate my wife, make her a place to live, even though I have the last blood in my life.

There is no child's pocket money, but a lot of eyes full of dreams.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project! I don't lose the battle in life. So please help us for a good life and make a Sweet  home 

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