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I need help to get studio equipments!

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Hello! My name is Bidemi, and I am from Lagos, Nigeria!

I started this project because I am asking for help to get equipments to start up a music studio to help my music career and other independent musicians around me.

To be able to make music on my own and grow my career

I have been doing music for 9 years now, i do gigs around with my guitar and there are lots of challenges with it.

Recording and promotion is difficult and I know if I have a studio of my own, it would be easier and I would also be able to make money from making instrumentals.

Its not something I can do on my own

I graduated from the university and its not easy to get a job here in my country so I play guitar for a living and I don't earn enough to save up the kind of money I need.

All I have been able to save up so far is approximately $200.

I would be able to make money doing what I love

It would be easier for me to promote my songs online and make money from my streams and downloads.

Recording songs on my own means I don't have to go to other people to do it for me, and when I get money from instrumentals I make I would be able to invest in my music.

Details of needed fund

I need $1,130 but am going to use my savings of $200 so what I need will be a total of $930.

・Computer: $400

・Studio microphone: $300

・Piano: $150

・Studio soundcard: $100

・Speakers: $100

・Headset: $20

・Microphone stand: $20

・Cables: $40

If I achieve my target, I have plans to start up a record label of my own and have other artists. I really hope to get help here. Thank you!

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