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My life's dream: South Korea

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Hello! My name is Angelina and I'm from Baranovichi, Belarus. I have long dreamed of going to South Korea! South Korea is the country I would really love to visit someday!

Opportunity to travel to South Korea

I really want to see this beautiful country for myself, and I think this is my only chance. I want to learn the culture and customs of this country, to try on their traditional dress, to make a lot of new friends and eat kimchi ,rice cake and many more!

The reason why I need help to make this dream come true

I have a lot of expenses. I'm in college and I can't work (I'm studying thanks to a scholarship). My parents are paying for my sister's school fees, and even though I get this scholarship, I'm studying in a different city so I have to pay for dorm and transportation.

To fulfill my dream I need money to ask for a visa, to purchase the air ticket, lodging, food and many more necessary things. I just don't have that kind of money and I don't think I will have soon. Also, my country is far away from South Korea.

If I reach my goal

I would try to practice Korean, fill my life and other people with new colors. I would visit places from films and dramas and meet my friends from Airtripp!

Details on needed funds

Air ticket roundtrip is $1200; the visa cost is $ 225 (if I found it right); lodging would be $ 500; food, transportation and visiting famous places $700(I will try to gather up myself).

If I reach my goal I will fulfill my old dream, I will go at the end of August and I will do everything that I pointed out here. If I can't reach the goal I will just have to dream on or forget about it (or postpone indefinitely).

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