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I need material to make "kalimba"!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Rendi Pebriansyah and I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia!

I'm running this project in order to raise some funds that allow me keep with my artesanal work of making kalima

A kalimba made of different woods

As you can see in the image, a kalimba is a traditional musical instrument.

They can be made with different materials, but I'm using coconut wood and mahogany mainly. The problem is that they are very expensive. I make them with the shape of a turtle.

The way I make kalimba

I'm also using aluminum. This and the mahogany wood are the most expensive material and my main obstacle to keep making my art, because of its price.

The way I use to make the shape and the strings, make them to sound in a very special way.

I also use paint, sandpaper and a special glue to finish the work.

How I will use the funds

If I can collect enough funds I will use them to buy more material to make kalimba.

To be honest, I have already many orders, but I can't finish them because I don't have money to purchase the materials.

I would really appreciate any little help that would help my keep doing my art! Thank you very much!

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