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I need to pay a cataract surgery for my mother!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Ahmad and I'm from Seran, Indonesia.

My mother is suffering from cataract and the only way to fix her eyes is with surgery.

Suffering since 7 years ago

The eyes condition of my mum's eyes is bad since 7 years ago.

She can't see well due to her condition and she is also suffering other symptoms in her eyes like pain and itching. She tried to use herbal medicine but it hadn't any effect.

I would really love to give my mum the chance to totally heal with a surgery.

She can't go to the hospital

I'm working as security staff and my monthly income is $190.

Me and my father are supporting the whole family, that includes 3 students.

As we need to pay for their school fees we don't have any left money and my mum can't go to the hospital.

The health insurance doesn't cover the surgery

The doctor has told us that my mum's eyes can be fixed with a surgery

We don't have a health insurance that covers this surgery, and we can't also afford it.

If my mum could undergo this surgery her eyes will be fixed really soon!

The hospital we want to go to is in Banten district, 2 hours from our home. It would be really wonderful if my mum could receive this treatment before the end of this year.

Details on needed funds

We just have saved $50, so we would need $730 to be able to pay for this surgery. I would really appreciate your help!


If I can collect enough funds, I will take my mum to the hospital as soon as possible.

She has been suffering since long ago, so if her eyes can be fixed, it would be like a dream came true. In case we can't receive support there is not another option that wait enough to save all the money.

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

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