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I dream of traveling to Japan to play guitar and meet my crush!

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My name is Diego, I am 22 years old and I live in Brazil!

I love playing rock, blues, jrock! My greatest dream since I was 8 years old is traveling to Japan! I study Japanese every day since 4 years ago and I also volunteer for any Japanese culture events held here. I really like Japan a lot!

I want to meet the country of my dreams.

Since I was a child I have always been interested in Japan, and that's why I started to study about the country and its culture.

I love the japanese music, all the beautiful places that country has and would really love to visit many places and play my guitar in Japan.

My family can't help me

My family has low income, and also me. To all of us, is very difficult to gather the amount of money I need for the trip.

I live with my aunt and I help her to pay the daily expenses in the house. For that, I can't save enough money by myself.

My life will have many colors

I know that there are many good people in the world, and I like myself to help those who need it too. If I can make my dream come true, I know that I will be very happy and this experience will change my life completely. I would really appreciate and thank everyone who helped me.

The funds for my trip

With the collected funds I'm going buy the flight ticket to Japan. I will be able to visit my friends, meet my love, play the guitar and visit many cultural places in Japan and all the cities I can.

If I just collect a part of the total funds, that's also will be a great help! I will continue with my dream and continue to raise money my myself to visit Japan and make my dream come true!

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