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Going to China to meet with my girlfriend!

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Nice to meet you! I'm Alexei Slotsful and I live in Stavropol, Russia!

I wish to go to Shanghai, China, to meet with my girlfriend, who lives there. I met her here in Airtripp but we still haven't met, so that's something I really need.

Her birthday is on October 15th, so I would like to travel to China to be there with her and celebrate together her birthday!

I want to be with my girlfriend!

I live in Russia, she lives in China, we haven't met yet and for me it's complicated to afford the expenses of this trip by myself.

My grandmother had some health problems and I was taking care of her so I couldn't do other job. Unfortunately, she passed away a few months ago. I am currently looking for a job to be able to save some money but the situation in my country is not good and it's not easy to find a good one.

I will really appreciate your help to make my dream come true and spend my girlfriend's birthday together with her!

How I met my girlfriend

When I started using Airtripp I was interested in Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and China. I really like Japan's Anime and music and I'm also interested in South Korea's K-POP

About China, since child I had heard really nice things about that country, as my great-grandfather lived there during World War II, so maybe he gave me the love I have for Asia.

Then, I started to search new friends in Airtripp and I meet her, Green Jane.

We've met thanks to Anime!

When we met we started to chat a lot and write messages. I remember that our relationship started really fast! And that is because we both loved Anime and we have many things in common!

I even don't remember how I fell in love with her. It just happened! Now, we spend much time together through the distance, and we dream to be together.

Details on needed funds

I need a total of $ 2,130 in order to afford the flight ticket, the visa expenses and the accomodation.


I will be my best to be able to reach China on October 15th to meet my girlfriend for her birthday!

In the future, I would really love to be with her forever.

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the flag image of country Anwesh ଅନ୍ୱେଷ アンウェッシュ 언웨서 अन्वेष অন্বেষ
I really like Alexey's beautiful dream of visiting her online girlfriend from China in real life. Alexey is a sweet, polite and sincere guy who is also interested in Anime, Jpop and Kpop which I like too! I want his dream to be fulfilled from my heart. Back in 2016, I had a girlfriend in Japan and I really liked her. But we unfortunately couldn't meet and she left me. I don't want other sweet guys to face a heartbreak like me. So I support his dream sincerely.
the flag image of country 工藤新一的妻
Dear, I miss you! I hope we can meet soon!
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