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Hello! I am a young benines, 25 years old and my name is Christel.

I am a Doctor at the end of general medicine training and I am going to support my doctoral dissertation in December 2018.

I want to specialize in pediatrics in Russia or Belgium

Benin is one of the poorest countries of west Africa whose children are exposed to deseases due to nutritional deficiency and hygienic.

Despite this, there are very few pediatrics in Benin. I want to become a pediatrician to help the population, especially children.

I come from a poor family

I come from a family that is a little poor.

My parents have helped me a lot with the small means they had and asking for loans. Currently they are all retired, their pension is insignificant and my brothers do not work yet.

Getting funding will help me to achieve my dream

Funding will help me achieve my dream of taking care of the population especially children.

With the diploma that I will have thanks to this funding I will be able to have a good and well paid employment.

Then, I will be able to build a child care clinic and recruit health professionals, so I will also create employment in my community.


If I can collect enough funds I will organize my trip and my registration in pediatric speciality in Europe.

The funs will use to let me go to my destination country (Russia or Belgium) as well as making the payment of pediatric specialization training.

When I graduate and I come back to Benin, and then I want to create a well equipped pediatric clinic and a neonatology unit. But this project would be feasible if and only if I get my degree as a pediatric specialist.

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