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I want to go to South Korea!

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Hello! My name is Ayya and I'm from Indonesia!

My dream is to go to South Korea to learn Korean! I hope you can help me make my dream come true!

About my dream

I love studying other languages!

As I love South Korea since long ago I would really like to go there to learn how to speak and write Korean.

I come from a very simple family

My family's economic situation is not good, so they can't help me to make this dream come true.

All my friends in my country have also a lot of difficulties, so I can't ask them for help. I don't want to increase their burden.

The only thing I can do is to save money by myself, but with my monthly income I can barely save, so I don't even know if I could be able to fulfill my dream ever.

Working overtime everyday

I'm working as a driver for a very low salary.

I'm trying to work as many hours I can and even like this I can't see they day I could save enough money to go to South Korea.

That's why I beg for your help, my friends. I really want to make this dream come true!

How I will use the funds

I need to make a passport, because I don't have one, and ask for the visa to go to South Korea.

Also, I need to purchase the flight ticket to go there.

I also need funds to pay for the school where I'm going to study there, and look for a lodging place near to the school, so I can save at least from transportation.

If I'm able to go there I know that I will use this chance to learn everything I can about Korean, because that's is what I want to do.

In case I can't raise enough funds I will keep trying to save enough money. I will keep doing my best to make this dream come true!

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