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Help for paying daily and medical expenses!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Ana Lucia and I'm from Bogota!

I'm raising funds for some medical and daily expenses! I hope you can help me!

Raising a child alone

I'm raising alone my 7 years old son.

It is not that the dad of the child does not contribute for his maintenance, but I'm having a lot of troubles to pay the house utilities by my own. Besides that, I've been told that I need to go under surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.

I don't know how can I pay for it, when I don't have a health insurace.

I'm not being able to find a job

I've graduated in university last November.

My mum assisted me a lot with the school tuition and finally I managed to graduate. However, in my country it's not easy to find a job.

There is a lot of unemployment, especially between young people. It takes many months to find a job!

I'm doing my best, but this time I would need some help to be able to pay the daily expenses and also the surgery cost.

I'm running out of savings

As I'm not being able to find a job, I don't have any income.

My mum already helped me a lot, and she is not able to support me further.

I'm running out of savings. I just have $200 and only the surgery costs around $800!

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $850 to be able to pay the surgery and also to have an extra help for the daily expenses. I would really appreciate any support!


If I manage to collect enough funds, I will go under surgery as soon as I can.

Also, I will keep doing my best to find a good job to support me and my child! I've studied Tourism at university so I would love to find a job in a hotel!

If I don't receive any support, I will just have to wait until finding a job, as I'm not eligible to get a bank loan. Thank you very much for reading my story!

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