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Raising funds to purchase essential items for earthquake victims!

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Nice to meet you. My name is Wahyu and I live in Praya, Indonesia.

This year is being really bad for my country because of natural disasters. I'm trying to raise funds to purchase essential items for victims of the earthquake, and I would be really grateful if you can support this project.

An earthquake in Lombok that affected thousands of persons

At the beginning of August a big earthquake hit my area, in Lombok. After 2 months, many people is still living without necessities.

More than 1000 injured, 600 killed and thousands of buildings totally destroyed.

National and international organisms did what they could to help, but it's still not enough.

Rainy season is coming

Fortunately, my home didn't receive any damage.

However, other people have not had the same fate as me. Many people is still living in shelters because they lost everything they had. We need tents and other materials to build provisional shelters for more people!

When rainy season start, many people will be still living in the streets if we don't help them.

We need to prepare as soon as possible so that people are not exposed to rain. Not only tents but also essential items such as food and medicines are currently necessary.

Trying to restore our community

I'm working as volunteer to clean up and restore buildings, as well as build provisional shelters.

We're receiving support from the community, but we need help to get more construction materials. As there is no other way, we are also placing tents as a provisional solution.

We need more blankets and mats, as well.

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $1,000 to purchase necessities such as tents and food. I'd like to ask for support of $ 950! I will manage to contribute with $50 by myself.


If I can collect enough support I will purchase necessities like tents, food, etc., as soon as possible, and give them to the victims directly.

I would like to receive help as soon as possible, as rainy season is about to start. In case I can't collect funds I will think about another way to search for help.

Dear friends: I would really appreciate any little help you can give to my community!

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