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Lazy House Clothing: A laptop for my business!

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Hello! My name is Nelly Shaaho and I'm from Nigeria. Currently I'm a graduate of the department of Economics.

A good laptop and printing machine

Currently I've been facing a lot of challenges doing all my designs using my phone which capabilities and capacities are limited. I need a proper equipment to keep doing my designs!

Difficult life in Nigeria

Even as a graduate here in Nigeria, it is hard to find a decent job that pays up to $50/month.

My friends too are in the same category as me, fending off from their parents, so it's difficult to asking them to sponsor my dream!

To increase my production

Getting a laptop (whether new or old) would mean a lot to me. This will greatly improve my designing skills and capabilities.

There are a lot I want to do in designing but I can't because I haven't equipment. I just put them down using a pencil.

How I will use the funds

First of all I will get a laptop. Then, I will be able to start designing and producing clothes.

Secondly, after sales begin to climb, I will add whatever I have as profit to purchase a printing machine.

And thirdly, with the printing machine, I can not only print for myself but for others meaning more profit.


In case I can collect enough funds, I will purchase a laptop (second hand) to start designing as soon as possible!

In case I can't get enough funds, I know that I will keep on trying. I will work several until I get at least something small that I can use to purchase the laptop!

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