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I want to help the animals by volunteering in Kenya

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Hello everyone! My name is Samantha from Malaysia.

Since young, I always love animals and wanted to work with animals. But unfortunately, I couldn't realise my dream. Helping animals has always been seen as a hobby to many and no one thinks that I can succeed in this as a career. I struggle a lot knowing that this is not just a passion but my purpose in life. Till this very day, my heart still long for what I always dream to be since I was a little girl. I always wanted to help by volunteering, but never had the courage to because I'm a girl and I'm small in size. 

Few years ago, I finally found a friend that is willing to volunteer with me in a foreign land. I'm so thankful that my friend help me set a stepping stone to fulfil my dream. That experience change my life. I told myself I will do this once a year to give back to mother nature.  But this year I'm facing financial difficulties, I'm planning to go to Kenya to volunteer with an organisation for a week on rhino and chimpanzees. The volunteering cost alone is USD1,100 and flight to Kenya is about USD1,400. Though I wish to be there and help out longer, but I'll just do the best I can within one week for them as the cost is too high for me to afford. I want to do this, not only to have an experience there, but I also want to be an inspiration for others especially a petite girl like me, that we can do this too. There is nothing to fear but to have courage and a will to help those who are needy. Why I choose Kenya, is because of the last northern white male rhino Sudan pass away. It just hit me so deeply that I have to do this, and somehow gave me the motivation to be in Kenya though is known to be a dangerous place. Rhino in particular are soon to be extinct, if ignorance continue on, the chance of them to survive in the next 10 years will be very slim. 

I hope this mission and dream can be fulfilled.

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