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I need to buy a car for my family!

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Nice to meet you! I am Owen Lumenta and I am from Manado, Indonesia!

I would like to receive support to buy a car for me and my parents!

With a car I could help my parents during weekdays too!

I'm working as school teacher.

My school is very far away from my hometown, and I only have a bike to go, so I need to do a 4 hours trip to reach my work place. Because of that, I stay in a different city during week days.

On weekends I go back to my hometown with my parents, and I can be with them and help them.

My parents are in their 60s and I don't want them to live by themselves, but with a car I would be able to be with them more and take care of them!

My parents are going by walk to work

They are working in a traditional market in the city.

They are selling vegetables, fruits, etc, and they need to wak everyday 30 minutes to reach the market. They are suffering health problems because of it!

If we could have a car, I could take my parents to the market, and they won't have to go by walk!

I already saved $1,000

My monthly income is about $150, but I've managed to save $1,000 to buy a car.

The monthly income of my parents is not big, and I have siblings, but they need to pay for the expenses of their own families, so they can't help us.

Please, help me to make easier my parents daily life!

Details on needed funds

I will buy a second hand car, because is cheaper. I hope you can help me to raise $1,000!


If I can collect enough funds I will purchase a car as soon as possible!

I'm searching for affordable cars on internet. I'm looking foward to having a car and spend more time with my parents!

Also, I will be very happy knowing that my parents don't have to go to the market by walk!

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