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I need support for my education!

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Hello ! My name is Aysenur Aydemir. I'm 21 years old and from Turkey. I live in Ankara wiht my family but I came to Kırıkkale because of university.

I stay in dormitory in Kırıkkale because it is cheap. My department is Math. My dream is be a wonderful Math teacher and endear math to people specially to children.

Support my family

My family is not rich. At our home, there are two college students ( my brother and me ) and one high school student ( my sister ).

Education in Turkey is expensive so my family has difficultly. If I can't find money, make money, my brother will have to change his university.

I pay dormitory fee myself, don't take money from my family. I usually don't go out because don't want spend money but book money, stationery cost a lot. I want to prosper my family.

For easy training

Due to the economic crisis in Turkey has increased the price of everything that book, pencil, notebook, clothes, food, bus ticket etc. As a student, I have difficulty in encounter my needs. My brother also have difficulty in the same way.

My parents have very low pay. However, they do their best for our education. I can't get financial support from them.

I'm looking for a job to work part-time after school but I have a lot of lecture hours so nobody don't hires me. I can't work because of that.

I'll be more vigorous and more successful in lessons

I've worked in a few places over the years. I work 12 hours in a day. When I came home, was studying tired. This affected my body and my lessons badly.

After work I was studying in the library until morning. When I went to school, I fell asleep. I know that if I get your support, I'll work more energetically.

Just money for school, dorm and my family

My annual dormitory fees 2600 TL ( 425 USD ), my annual school fees 2100 TL ( 343 USD ), bus ticket to go Ankara, my family 1200 TL ( 196 USD ). Other than that, I don't have much expense. I will satisfy my other needs. If I can raise money from your support, I'd like to help with one of my siblings' school expenses.


As a future plan, I will try to finish my school more quickly. As I said, I will have a better education life. If I don't get the target support, it is hard for me to have a hard education, but I try to overcome it.

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