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Funds to pay a heart surgery for my little cousin!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Wiqas and I am from Mardan, Pakistan!

I would like to ask help for my little cousin. He has a heart disease and he needs a surgery his family can't afford.

Suffering from a heart disease

My cousin is suffering from different diseases since born, but the most serious one is his heart disease.

Due to his health condition he is not growing normally. He has 12 but his height is similar to a 8 years old boy.

He's also suffering from renal insufficiency.

Without surgery he could die

My cousin needs to go to the hospital very frequently.

His condition has to be checked with electrocardiogram or ultrasound, and also he needs to take medication. His parents have paid a lot of medical expenses so far. His dad is working in the steel industry, and his mum is a housewife, so their monthly income is not enough for so many expenses.

Other relatives have helped my cousin and his family by lending some funds.

However, they are running out of money, and this family can't afford an expensive heart surgery, so we are all very worried about the boy.

I'm trying to find a job

About half a year ago I finally graduated in University.

I moved to Dubai, as I was told that finding a job there was easier. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find one, so I came back to my country a couple of months ago.

Most of my savings were used in this experience.

About my family, their situation is also not good now, so they can't support my cousin for now.

Details on needed funds

I really hope you can help me to raise $1,600 for my cousin, so he can get that surgery and have a normal life like a normal child.


If I can get enough funds, they will be used only for my cousin.

Best thing in the world would be going abroad for the surgery, but I know that that is too much money. Anyway, I will be posting any update about the surgery and treatment here in Airtripp, so you can follow up the process!

In case we can't collect funds, we will have to wait enough time to get enough savings to pay the surgery.

What I know is that I will do my best to help my cousin!

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