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I would like to go see my boyfriend in Dominican Republic

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I am a student, and I would like to go see my boyfriend! 

I need this help to take my ticket, I live on a French island and I have to take a first plane to go to Paris and then do Paris-Santo Domingo! I would like to surprise him by going to see him there!  But it's hard for me to pay for the plane ticket because I'm a student 

I would be so grateful if you can help me!! 

I really miss him and I really need to see him soon as possible! 

My mom live with my 2 brothers and me and she can’t help me a lot with this travel because she have a lot to pay for us!  

For going in Dominican Republic I have a first plan to pay it’s 165 dollars 

And my other plane is around 1115 dollars 

Remaining days 46 days
Times supported 4

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