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Help to start from scratch after the flood

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Nice to meet you! My name is Ukwede Shadrach Ojochebo and I live in Onyedega, Nigeria.

My family have lost everything due to a flood, and we need help to start from scratch!

We have lost our home and our work place

The place where I live is the confluence of the Niger and Benuee rivers.

A heavy rain a week ago caused a massive flood. Approximately 200 areas were flooded and about 100 people died. About 50,000 people still live in evacuation centers in this moment.

The flood affected my house and my farmland.

There are a few shelter, but this is a poor area and spaces are crowded. We're sleeping on the streets.

We need to move to another place

I'm an orphan.

My father left us many years ago and my mother died of illness too. I live with my two brothers and we were working in the farm until the disaster.

Fortunately, we're safe, but we've lost everything we had.

Our only chance is to move to another place and start from scratch, we don't have enough money to do it.

We could find another place to live

Before this happened, we were working in our farm.

We produced yam potatoes and rice to sell them in the local market. Our monthly income was enough to live, but not to save money.

I believe that if we go to another area we could find a farmland to borrow and work again.

Details on needed funds

We just need $500 to fix our life. I really hope you can help me and my family!


If we receive enough funds we will find a not affected area to go and start again.

If we don't receive support the only option we have is to go to a shelter, but as I explained, there are many people who have lost their homes and it's not sure that we could find a spot.

Airtripp Funding is the last opportunity my family has to have a future again. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart your help!

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