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I want to build a school for children of my community

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Nice to meet you! My name is Chinyere, and I live in Aba, Nigeria!

My dream since long ago is to build a school to help children of my community to grow up to fulfill their potentials!

A dream I want to fulfill since long ago

Currently I work as school teacher.

I conceived this idea in the year 2006 after completing my mandatory one year National Youth Service Corps. I developed the love of teaching kids since I studied English Language education in University of port Harcourt.

From the experience gained over time teaching and working in schools, it became more urgent.

Already saved to purchase a land

My monthly income is not high, but I managed to save some to make my dream come true.

If I can I would like to convince a bank to sponsor the project and gradually repay them in the future, but I'm not being lucky.

If possible I would like to start building the school next year!

I also want to reduce unemployent

I will be building the school step by step, starting from below.

When I can, I will start hiring local people as teacher and other job positions. When more students come, I will hire more.

In the future, I would like to have around 300 students! That would be my dream school.

If I make this dream come true, I will also be able to create employment which will also reduce the level of unemployment in this town.

Details on needed funds

To make this dream come true, in total, I need $4,950 to purchase the land, build the structure, purchase furniture, equipment, etc. I will contribute with $1,700, and to start I would be eternally grateful if you can support me to raise $1,250. After that, I will need $2,000 more but at first I will try to keep searching for a sponsor.


I would like to purchase the land and start building the school as soon as possible!

It would be nice If I can inaugurate it and start receiving students next course.

If I can't collect funds, the only thing I could do is to keep working and saving as much as I can!

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