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Knowing Maori culture in New Zealand

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About my dream

Hello! I'm Xu Shao Chen from Taiwan! I would love to know deeper on Maori culture and that's why I want to go to New Zealand. It's not a normal tourism trip, this is about to experience Maori culture to be able to know more about them.

Since I was a child I always have had a strong interest in New Zealand. It is very special and unique country. New Zealand is surrounded by wonderful nature, it has a unique culture and some spiritual aspects that I can't even express by words, that irresistibly attract me.

I have visited New Zealand once, but at that time I could not fully touch Māori culture as much as I wanted so next, I would like to learn more about it.

Maori culture is different from our cultures. They have very unique customs like their wedding ceremony!

Learning Maori culture even more than before

I am from Taiwan, but my whole family grew up in the USA. Fortunately, English is a language I can naturally speak, and it is also used in New Zealand. However, English is not enough to know Maori culture. In order to communicate with Maori people, I'm also trying to learn their language.

Details on needed amount

What I need in order to make my dream come true is the total amount of $ 4,600 that will cover travel expenses like flight ticket, transportation and lodging.


I would like to travel there around next Lunar New Year. In order to to that I should start preparing the trip in Autumn of this year. While trying to reach the target I will keep learning from Maori's culture and their language and I will plan the schedule of my trip!

I really wish I could make this dream come true!

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