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My dream: a life in my beloved Japan

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The reason why I started to dream about living in Japan

Hello! I'm Pedro Augusto from Goias, Brazil. My dream is to live in Japan, a country that I really love!

I've started to use Airtripp because I was looking for a place where I could being able to practice Spanish. However, I made Japanese friends and when I started to learn from their posts about daily life and awesome tourism spots, I realized how wonderful country is Japan.

I wanted to know more and more about Japan, I wanted to make more Japanese friends and learn their language.

Japan is a wonderful country where traditions are still kept. I love Japanese culture. Japanese sense of responsibility and discipline, their respect for others is particularly wonderful. I really want to go to Japan!

Please, support me to make my dream come true!

What I do to get closer to Japan

I've made many Japanese friends in Airtripp. Thanks to Airtripp, I could learn a lot about Japanese culture, life, economy, gastronomy etc. I could also participate in [Country I want to go] campaigns. You can see here amazing gifts I received once!

In order to learn a little Japanese by myself, I watch anime and I try to ask for advice my Japanese friends, but I'm aware that is not enough and my Japanese level is still very low so to prepare myself for this adventure I will join a language school in my city this summer.

Currently I play the bass in a church as my main occupation, but I don't receive more than a few tips that are not enough to help me affording my dream. If I have success in this project I will study Japanese in a language school in Tokyo during half a year.

I love music, so I would really like to find a job in Japan related to music!

Details on needed amount

What I need is money to afford the tuition fee for 6 months besides daily expenses. The total amount of $ 9,770 includes tuition fee, air ticket, housing cost, living expenses for 6 months. When I can speak more Japanese I will try to find a part-time job too.


Once I reach the target amount, I will apply for a student visa and pay the tuition fee to the Japanese language school I plan to attend.

In the meanwhile, I will study some Japanese at a language school in my town and save as what I can!

Once in in Japan, I want to meet my Airtripp's friends for the first time and I would try to visit all over Japan. I really love Japanese's History so I would like to visit spots with a rich History, for example, Kyoto!

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San Pedro has a very hot longing for Japan! Manga and anime, Japan News, Japan's many friends. Against Japan in his thirst for knowledge is so passionate and energetic. I support his dreams!
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